Overhead handling system in steel profile for loads up to 2.000kg

The ideal solution for moving light loads. The EUROSYSTEM overhead handling system adapts perfectly to your site development or production process needs, offering a great many configurations. The EUROSYSTEM can take the form of a monorail, roller paths, single-girder overhead travelling cranes, double girder overhead travelling cranes, singe or complex circuit systems, with points for changing the direction of travel, or a multi-direction turntable.

Product advantages

  • The loads are easy to handle, thanks to an excellent rolling coefficient.
  • Numerous types of fixation, adaptable to any structure.
  • Installations are pleasing to the eye.
  • The load on the bearing structure is kept to a minimum through the pendular design of the system.
  • Monorail tracks, runways and circuits easily extended thanks to the system’s modularity.
  • Maintenance is practically zero.
  • Great flexibility.
  • Minimum loss of headroom.
  • Installation and fixation by simple bolting.

Technical characteristics

This range of profiles associated with other components like suspensions, manual or electric travelling trolleys and cross travel trolleys enable many lifting solutions to be implemented.

  • Monorail tracks.
  • Runways.
  • Single girder overhead cranes.
  • Double-beam overhead cranes.
  • Telescopic beams.
  • Single or complete circuit systems with change of travel direction by switch or multi-directional turntable.

Aluminum hollow profile for overhead handling system with loads from 60 to 2.000kg

The aluminum Eurosystem represents a new generation of hollow profile handling systems. This innovative solution presents the accumulation advantages of conventional steel and aluminum hollow profile. Steel and aluminum profile may be combining too in the same system.

Product advantages

Advantages similar to those of steel profile with the benefits of using aluminium

  • ERGONOMIC: The lightness of the rails allows the user to handle even heavy and bulky lods very easily and without excessive effort.
  • ACCURATE: The precision is guaranteed by the high quality of manufacture and the smoothness of the movements.
  • ANTICORROSION: The aluminum of the profiles is anodized externally and internally.
  • ECONOMIC: By lightweight and simplifying the load-bearing structures, by the speed of assembly.
  • TECHNOLOGY: This profile is result of the latest innovations in cold extrusion and optimization of structures.
  • LONGEVITY: The remarkable resistance to wear is due to the anodizing and the material of the rollers.
  • SECURITY: The profile is guaranteed seamless.
  • SILENCE: Quiet operation due to the remarkable flatness of the running surface.

Technical characteristics

A graded range of 4 sizes of profile. As for steel sections, the selection of the model will depend on the load capacity and the distance between the suspension points.
This range of profiles associated with other components like suspensions, manual or electric travelling trolleys and cross travel trolleys enable many lifting solutions to be implemented.

  • Monorail tracks.
  • Runways.
  • Single girder overhead cranes.
  • Double-beam overhead cranes.

Telescopic beams.


Range of steel lifting beams for loads from 1.000 to 10.000kg.

Product presentation

  • Fitted with 2 articulated forged safety swivel hooks
  • Tear-resistant eyelet for use with synthetic slings, cables, etc
  • Rustproof paint with high-strength yellow RAL 1028 finishing
  • Safety coefficient: 4
  • No load-bearing welding
  • Manufacture in accordance with standard NFE 52210
  • Group: FEM5
  • Hooks adjusted by means of upper handles (for the adjustable spreaders only)
  • No 100 mm adjustment as standard (for the adjustable spreaders only)
  • Hosting speed = maximum 16 m/mn
  • Delivered with instructions for use and maintenance, EC certificate of conformity
Model Capacity (kg) Span (m)
P2F 1000 to 10000 1 to 6
P2R 1000 to 10000 0,5 to 6
P4F 1000 to 10000 1 to 4
P4R 1000 to 10000 1 to 4

Options available

  • Greater load capacities available on request
  • 3 Type «Y» models with 3 lifting points, or type “X” with 4 lifting points are also available on request
  • Lifting beams for big bag
  • Special lifting beams
  • Galvanized lifting beams
  • Special lifting beams with pick-up fork for pallets

Range of spring load balancer for loads from 0.7 kg to 55kg

The EQUIBLOC frees the working area on assembly lines where a considerable number of tools have to be used and keeps effort to a minimum in workshops where heavy tools have to be used.

Technical characteristics

  • The complete balancer fitted with rope and lower hook.
  • With integrated rope guide for the K 32 & K 22.
  • With integrated rope guide and axles mounted on ball bearings for the K4.

Range of air load balancers for loads from 70 to 350kg

With EQUIBLOC AIR, a full range of pneumatic load balancers, VERLINDE offers comprehensive lifting and handling solutions for industry.

Technical characteristics

VERLINDE, EQUIBLOC AIR pneumatic load balancers come with the following standard equipment : lift and lowering control circuit, 6m of cable, spiral flexible control conduit, valve-box type control interface and an automatic hook.
The following special safety features are also standard : pneumatic measurement load balancing, lift and lowering control unit with balancer mode switch, under-load detection, grip locks (where applicable) if load is lift and with safety valve to keep pressure in tank if the control tube is cut.
The EQUIBLOC AIR range includes five models of load balancers for loads from 70 kg to 350 kg*.

* Lifting capacity with 7 bar input pressure, measured at the balancer piston.

Options available

  • Different trolley types depending on beam used (eg -beam or profile type EUROSYSTEM aluminum).
  • Rigid suspension systems.
  • Pneumatic tubing.
  • Tube carrier trolleys.
  • Load gripping tools (eg mechanical, vacuum, magnetic) according to your specifications.
  • Special models available suitable for use in hazardous areas (Zones 1 or 21).