Our company supplies Beams with circular or hexagonal patterns in their webs for modern constructions providing an exposed architecture look as well as versatile structural steel components.

The production line includes Cellular, Castellated, D-Beams, Girders and custom manufactured sections of variable depths and lengths which can be made from rolled steel sections or fabricated from steel plate.

In order to obtain a Castellated beam a horizontal cut is made in the middle of the beam where there is no need to have a particular mass of material to resist in various forces. At next step follows re-assembly and welding procedures of the parts between them.

1. Cellular – Circular Holes

2. Tapered Cellular Beams

Uniform diameter cells full length 1

2.1 Uniform diameter cells full length

Bespoke cells %E2%80%93 vary in diameter 1

2.2 Bespoke cells – vary in diameter

3. Castellated Hexagonal Holes

4. Curving Process

Curving Process Step1

Two beams are split, the first using a special top tee cut (red) and the second using a special bottom tee cut (grey)

Curving Process Step2

A bottom tee is curved to the requires radius.

Curving Process Step3

A top tee is curved and welded to the bottom tee. The process is repeated using the remaining tees to create a pair of curves.


  • Variable web opening geometry in either circular or hexagonal configurations offers versatility, reliability and economy for all types of floor and roof structures,
  • Material Saving, Lighter Weight & good looks appealing,
  • Spans and depths according to your specifications,
  • Architecturally freedom,
  • Eliminates interior columns in composite floor construction,
  • Lower height floor to floor by incorporating mechanical, electrical and plumbing through openings,
  • Asymmetric composite design increases stiffness of floor, improving vibration characteristics,
  • Asymmetric sections produce an economical composite design by reducing material consumption and decrease environmental impact,
  • Built-in camber at no additional cost during manufacturing process,
  • Faster erection due to fewer pieces with the longer span.
  • Flexible coating can be applied including painted, galvanized, or fire proofed,


Certainly is a design option for the following applications:

  • Parking Garages,
  • Office Buildings,
  • Long-Span Roofs,
  • Medical Facilities,
  • Educational Facilities
  • Sport Facilities.

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