Verlinde eurochain-vx-04
Eurochain VX

Eurochain VX for load from 63 to 10.000kg

Here comes the new VERLINDE electric chain hoist for load from 63 to 10,000 kg. After two years designing the next level of chain hoist technology and production, we are ready to present our new series in the light lifting version.

Technical Characteristics

  • Height of lift 3 m.
  • Bracket suspension for suspended hoist.
  • 2 hoisting speeds.
  • Safety limit switches for upper & lower position.
  • IP55 hoisting & travelling motor protection.
  • Load chain galvanized.
  • Control cable 2,5 m.
  • 2 buttons pendant for hook suspended hoist or manual trolley.
  • 4 buttons pendant for hoist with electric trolley.
  • Power supply 400V/3Ph/50Hz or 415V/3Ph 50 Hz or 460V/3Ph /60 Hz.
  • Low voltage control 48 V.
  • Torque limitor.
  • Chain collector.
  • Emergency stop button mushroom type.
  • Paint 5 years guaranted (RAL 7021).
  • Variable travelling speed (for hoist with electric trolley).
  • 2 years guaranted.

Options Available

  • Non standard power supply (ex. : 230 3ph).
  • ACF board for direct control hoist.
  • Hard wired control (48V).
  • Stainless steel lifting chain and hook.
  • Self locking hook.
  • Time meter.
  • Radio remote control.
  • Pendant with 4 or 6 buttons.
  • Key switch on pendant.
  • Travel limit switches.
  • Non standard length on power supply cable.
  • Non standard power supply plug (4 or 5 poles).
  • Rain cover.
  • Brake manual release.
  • Food contact oil (NSF H1).
  • Gear limit switches 2 or 4 steps.
Verlinde VR
Eurochain VX

Eurochain VR Vario


Eurochain VR for load from 63 to 5.000kg

Completely innovative, top of the range design, its fluid, contemporary and elegant lines confirm the power of this electric chain hoist. This new generation of EUROCHAIN VR hoists is the result of innovative technology; new materials, new operating concepts, can adapt to each specific need.

Technical Characteristics

The EUROCHAIN VR electric chain hoist is designed to provide users with the maximum level of safety. It is delivered with the following equipment as standard :

  • New lifting nut concept with intermediate teeth for perfect chain drive
  • Torque limiter
  • Disk lifting brake
  • 3m standard lifting height
  • Dual-speed lifting
  • Safety electric end of run for up and down position
  • IP55 lifting and travelling motor
  • Thermal protection on lifting motor
  • Tropic-proof protection (lifting and steering – 90 to 95 %)
  • Galvanised lifting chain
  • Disconnectable command cable
  • 2-buttons unit on fixed hoist or push steering carriage
  • 4-buttons unit on hoist coupled to electric steering carriage
  • «Punch» emergency stop button
  • 400V/3Ph/50Hz or 415V/3Ph/50 Hz or 460V/3 Ph/60 Hz power supplyLow voltage 48 V command
  • Chain bag
  • 70 mm, RAL 7021 epoxy powder paint
  • Speed variation on travelling – MS Mode (for hoists with an electric trolley)
  • Complies with the CE machine directive

Options Available

  • Gear limit switch
  • Second brake on lifting motor
  • Attachment by eyelet (perpendicular) to replace the upper hook
  • Automatic closure lifting hook
  • Travelling limit switch
  • Short headroom trolley
  • Trolley for cuvrved track
  • Dual-speed travelling trolley carriage (20 & 5 m/min)
  • Slow speed travelling trolley (3 to 10 m/min)
  • High speed travelling trolley
  • Additional button on pendant unit
  • Wall-mounted command
  • Direct voltage hoist control to replace the low voltage
  • Manual brake release
  • Rain protection
  • Reinforced protection
  • Total protection for operation in Zone 22
  • Reinforced tropic-proof protection
  • Hoist available in a version that complies with CSA standards

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