Metal construction refers to the construction of structures and buildings using metal materials as the main construction element. Metallic materials, such as steel, are widely used in the construction of buildings, bridges, warehouses, towers, power plants, and many other applications.

Constructions of this kind have many advantages, including strength, resistance, quick erection and long life. Also, building metal structures can be more sustainable, as metal materials can be recycled.
Some examples of metal structures include the following:

1. Steel buildings: Tall skyscrapers and business buildings are often made of steel.
2. Bridges: Bridges, such as railway bridges and highway bridges, are often made of metallic materials for their high strength.
3. Warehouses: Metal buildings are widely used for warehouses, factories and industrial premises.
4. Power Stations: Many power stations, such as power plants, may use metal structures

The erection of metal structures requires specialized knowledge and experience in the field of engineering and construction. In addition, local codes and safety standards for metal construction must be considered.