The up-to-date industrial premises are spread over a 42.000m2 privately-owned area, and occupy a 20.000m2 closed area for the production procedures. Accommodates also office area of 400m2 equipped with modern administrative and technical support facilities. For the treatment of steelworks there is a specially arranged closed bay of 3.500m2, for the transportation of raw materials and outdoor storage of ready products there is a specially arranged open area of 2.500m2 equipped with two EOT cranes, of 16t lifting capacity each.

The company’s facilities are ultra modern and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They are perfectly arranged and specially designed to allow the seamless and continuous flow of individual processes, thus contributing to high productivity.

The production area consists from 4 main bays and two auxiliary. Treatment takes place independent in order to ensure ideal conditions. The production of composite beams is conducted in separated ultra modern facilities that has been specially designed for this purpose.

All areas of production are equipped with overhead cranes, rotating cranes and transport electrically railing systems. The maximum load that can be lifted using E.O.T cranes is 80 Tn. Bays are equipped with a special synchronization cranes system that allows easy and safe rotation of objects with large volume, either weight or complexity.

Outdoor areas are appropriately configured to allow the uninterrupted traffic of transportation and lifting machines. A large part of the outdoor areas is covered by E.O.T cranes for easier handling & transportation. Moreover, all outdoor areas have appropriate signs in order to enable traceability for deposited materials.