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Our vision is founded to be the leading choice for our customers in structural steelworks. This vision encompasses the tradition of superior construction practices, with an emphasis on quality, reliability and innovation.


We commit to provide high quality and adding values to the construction process. Our dedicated approach delivers exceptional quality, predictable outcomes, continuous growth, opportunities, and mutually beneficial relationships. This pattern of excellence continues today, and is the blueprint for achievement tomorrow.


Innovation: We develop innovative solutions and sponsor improvements in existing systems and processes.

Cooperation: We have a team spirit in all levels and we take advantage of any information or idea.

Satisfaction: The most important value of our company is the satisfaction of our customers and we are always eager to understand their requirements and to act proactively.

Commitment: We set objectives and commit ourselves in achieving them.

Transparency: We foster an ethically correct environment and we manage internal and external relations in a way that allows maximum transparency.

Proactivity: We think forward and influence events by being aware of opportunities leading to formulation of proposals that may assist to achieve our objectives.