Having many years of experience and extensive know-how of even the most special lifting processes, we design, manufacture, equip and install E.O.T. cranes such as:

  • Top or Under Running in Single or Double Girder at profile or box type
  • Explosion Proof
  • Gantry
  • Semi – Gantry
  • Slewing Jib Cranes supported by walls or columns
  • Light crane systems

Additionally we provide the following possibilities that they correspond to the separate requirements of your lifting application.

Equipment and parts such as: Chain Hoists, Wire Rope Hoists, Belt Hoists, Trolley, End Carriages, Chain Blocks, Lever Hoists, Hand Hoists, Power Supply Lines, Cables, Inverters, Limit Switches, Electrical Equipment, Radio Remote Controls.

As a partner and reseller of Verlinde lifting equipment  we always do our very best to meet the customers’ demands by supplying only the very best quality at the most competitive price on today’s market.

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Inspections for Preventive or Corrective Maintenance

Advisory Services of Modernization

In every way, we ensure the higher benefit and outputs even in special environments units such as: chemical, petrochemical and gas, refineries, electricity production, waste water/ sewage treatment, dying and other industrial conditions with higher requirements, while we provide direct availability and safety in any circumstances.

Each department is adapted suitably so that it is completely compatible ideal for each work and always reliable while testing procedures are performed prior to delivery.

Each completed crane is accompanied by technical documentation including: Certificates of Manufacture CE, Equipment and Steel Structure, Indicative design including dimensions, Electrical diagrams, Installation Directives and Operation Manual both in English and in Greek with a complete catalogue of parts list.

These are the advantages that our lifting applications cover your manipulator needs during your production processes.