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Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are very versatile so they can be used in your production or assembly process. Dedicated to a specific location or area, these cranes are outfitted with a vertical lifting device — such as a hoist or other attachment — that suspends the load while the operator guides and positions it manually or a powered trolley moves it mechanically. These functions improve worker safety and ergonomics by eliminating the physical exertion, fatigue, and risk of injuries associated with lifting and pushing or pulling loads.

Depending on the application, jib cranes can be mounted to the wall or the floor in a variety of ways, including to a column of the building either a self-supporting mast or a facility wall or on a runway for side lateral movement. Features a cantilevered bridge (girder), allowing it to move its payload in a 180-degree arc or 360-degree circle. Its hoist is mounted on the horizontal boom.