Tsakona Arch Bridge

Steel constructions for Tsakona Arch Bridge between prefecture borders of Arcadia – Messinia. It’s one of the largest arched bridges in the world and the second largest bridge in Greece after Rio – Antirio. It was constructed on an active landslide as a steel arched carrier with its deck suspended, combined with a pre tensioned concrete carrier on the Tripoli side. It has a total length of 390m and a max free opening of 300m. Its deck has a width of 20.40m in pre stressed section and 22.80 m in the arched area compromising by 4 traffic lanes. The arched body, which is an important prototype for Greece, consists of two parabolic arcs joined together by wind bracings.

Sector: Steel Bridges

Client: Greek State

Area: Tsakona Valey / Greece

Status: Realized

Year: 2016