Our company believes and invests in high technology, with ultra modern mechanical equipment which contributes in high-quality structural steelworks with max productivity. A significant feature is the excellent configuration of automated equipment with immediate forwarding of the full traceability materials to the various treatment phases, thus reducing idle times.

All processes are controlled by specialized management software

CNC Plate Processing Station

  • Multiple operations such as milling, drilling, tapping, counter sinking, marking, etc
  • Plasma cutting with one or two heads and a bevel system
  • Oxyfuel cutting with up to eight blow torches

CNC Beam Drilling Line

  • Drilling of Hot – Rolled and welded beams
  • Unlimited beam length
  • Drilling using carbide drills
  • Scribing
  • Item marking through drilling (Pop Marks)

Closed shot blasting tunnel

  • Specially designed for shot blasting of Welded Constructions, Beams, Plates
  • Sand blasting Grade Sa 2 ½ & Sa 3
  • Intergrated Filter Units

Beam Welding Line (T-Master)

  • Continuous beam production and welding
  • Suitable for the production of straight, cambered and conical beams
  • Welding using the submerged-arc welding process
  • Flange Strengthening during welding

Plate processing system

  • Drilling using carbide drills
  • Cutting using oxygen and plasma
  • Hole punching
  • Marking head

CNC Double Miter Bandsaw

  • Automatic measurement system
  • Marking
  • Bevel cutting in both directions
  • Intergated material handling system

CNC Plate cutting machine (Cutting Table)

  • 4 oxygen heads with the option of simultaneous cutting
  • Plasma cutting head
  • Marking head
  • Bevel cutting

CNC pipe cutting machine

  • 5 axes
  • Cutting using plasma and oxygen
  • Highly precise 3D cuts
  • Wide range of cut types

Welding line for box girders and beams

  • Welding using the submerged-arc welding process
  • Simultaneous welding on both sides to avoid distortion
  • Option of transverse and longitudinal welding
  • Seam Tracking System

CNC milling machine

  • Option to process long items
  • Rotating head on both axes

CNC Beam Thermal Cutting / Coping Machine

  • Option of cutting on all three axes simultaneously
  • Cutting using oxygen
  • Bevel cutting
  • Intergated material handling system

CNC angle punching and cutting line

  • Cutting of angles and blades
  • Hole punching
  • Marking head
  • Intergated material handling system

CNC plate drilling and punching line

  • Drilling using carbide drills
  • Hole punching
  • Marking