We specialize in the manufacture of welded steel beams (tapered, variable, etc.) in a wide variety such as: Symmetric and asymmetric with variable thickness or heights.

Also referred as: Welded Beams, Welded Built up Sections, Fabricated Steel Beams or Welded Sections. Any steel beams (tapered, variable, etc.) can be constructed as single section, where the upper and lower flange are independently formed as integral portions at the desired length. Then we fit up welded parts and the beam is formed.

Main Application Fields: Box Girders, Gantry Girders, Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges & structural columns for mixed construction.

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) welding equipment is used and the simultaneous operation of a DC source and an AC source, also known as Tandem Arc in accordance with ISO 4063. All Submersible Arc Welding Machines have pulse modulation technology so that each welding can independently control Penetration, Slapping Width as well as Deposition Rate.

Table Α Dimensions
Max Beam Height : 3.500mm
Max Beam Width: 1.500mm
Max Beam Length : 4000mm
Feet Maximum Thickness : 100mm
Core Maximum Thickness : 50mm

The output products such as: welded I & H-Beams meet the quality requirements provided in the modern regulations according to EN 1090-2