We have a wide range of experience in our engineering design department, who utilize our extensive library of industry-leading design and analysis software ensuring the unhindered flow of detailed information’s with the most economical structural steelwork solution available. Our design team provides drawings in 3D modeling at all times. Our models are meticulously maintained which ensures what gets modeled, gets built. The information we create in the 3D model is uploaded to our Material Requirements Planning system within all the material data, drawing data, cutting and drilling data is routed to the appropriate plant and machinery. Fabrication programming and shipping schedules are also created within and providing a fully traceable system from tender to completion.

Our company utilizes the latest technologies, such as:

  • 4D – 5D ΒΙΜ (Βuilding Information Modelling)
  • IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)
  • ABSI (AVEVA Bocad Steel Interface)